A Man from Heaven: Abandoned with 7 Children by His Wife, Months Later, Her Regret

Normally at four months old babies are growing and developing rapidly and they require lots of love, attention and Care from their parents or caregivers.

Providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment is crucial for the well-being of a four-month-old baby.


But when these little twins needed such an environment the most, the most, that’s when their mother had an indecent idea and left them and again would say amazing.

And he was left in a state of confusion as he needed a caretaker of his little twins.

All the children needed.


School rent was deal and food was a big issue, and the man could not leave such young kids alone without any caretak.

The decision was wandering around the street begging for support.


He was crying for help and his prayers were answered, well wishes contributed and he’s got money to keep up with his needs and expenses.

This is the update.

We take a long journey coming back to this Village to see if there is any

Improvement so far.

He admits that a lot has happened after we visited and now he can’t smile because it’s all going better than he ever thought about it.


Visited, he had lost her, saying that maybe he was cast, adding that his name, Piako, which means trouble, might have also played a key role to his misery.

Now blessings keep following him as his children are growing well.

If they have milk, when one of his Elder children is around, they take care of their little babies.

While the father got to his day-to-day activities, say now resumed his job after he left.

Things did not just go smooth, it rather took Ayutan.

My twin babies got sick.

They got so ill that I had to spend a whole month at the hospital.

At some point I could think that maybe I would lose them due to how complicated the illness was.

Great for that.

Today they’re here in good health conditions.

Publishing his story was an unexpected breakthrough that he never saw coming and believes it has made a significant impact to both his life and the life of his children.


Foreign in making advocacy for him, saying that if they never visited him, he would still be wandering around the street with his twins, which too was not safe for such young babies.

It was a risk, but the father of seven had no other options.

Though his livelihood is improving, there’s no clue of what his wife might be and according to him, he does not see her coming, but he does not think it will be returning for good, concluding that he will never welcome her back here for instantly, instantly an end to their relationship.


When his story was told to the world, a campaign was created on Givinglivecom and many people donated.

The first gift to this father is a giving life T-shirt, though be strengthening him in case of worries, reminding him that no matter what he goes through, at some point things work out again.

I I thought that was it.

We still had more for him in store.

A lot of Good Samaritans contributed, and this is all what they donated, and the happiest man couldn’t believe what his eyes would see, and this is his reactions: candy um, the thrilled single father of seven couldn’t find the right words to express his gratitude, but all he can confess is blessings upon anyone who has thought of lending him a helping hand, adding that with his amount of money, his life will never be the same.


He’s going to invest it in some other fruitful projects.

His children were in holidays, being the reason.

The Twins were well taken care of by their siblings, who always be by their side, helping as much as they could, and this has permitted the fathered always wake up, heading straight to work, knowing that children are safe and looking forward to increasing the income schools were assuming will be finding a maid who will be looking after these twins and taking care of everything while the dad is away.

We, as afromax, we also thank anyone who contributed to supporting this family.

Without you, we wouldn’t have made this possible.

Donut story is a powerful reminder that life can be tough, but with determination and the support of others, we can overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

Despite facing the daunting task of raising seven children alone after being abandoned by his wife, donut refused to give up in.

Instead, he took on the role of both mother and father, doing everything he can to provide for his family.

Donut’s story is a testament to the strength of the human Spirit and the power of the community.

It serves as an inspiration to all of us that, no matter what life throws away, we have the ability to rise above it and create a better tomorrow.

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