Despite the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the dream team-up featuring Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, and Eric Bana’s Hulk remains elusive.

Since the release of <eм>The Incredible Hulk</eм> back in 2008, there has been not a single standalone film featuring the green rage monster in the MCU, and fans are asking Mark Ruffalo whether it’s a possibility or not. But more than that, there had been rumors and speculations surrounding a team-up of Hulks from the past, just like what happened in <eм>Spider-Man: No Way Home. </eм>

A still from <eм>The Incredible Hulk</eм>

But when the question was posed to actor Eric Bana, the star who played the role of Bruce Banner in Ang Lee’s iteration of 2003’s <eм>Hulk, </eм>the star was quick to decline the possibility of this ever happening in the future. Despite this plan never coming to fruition, it seems like the fans aren’t too concerned with it coming to life.

Eric Bana Reveals His Team-Up With Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton For a Hulk Movie Might Never Happen

A still from <eм>Hulk</eм>

With Marvel Studios opening the floodgates to expansive and unlimited possibilities of the Multiverse in the MCU, the expectations of the fans from the franchise have shot up with the same intensity. Thus, speculations have come forward, hinting at Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk, being teamed up with his predecessors in a potential standalone film.

Alas, it seems like it was a mere pipe dream as in a recent interview with Melbourne’s Fox Breakfast radio show, Australian actor Eric Bana, who had played the character of Bruce Banner in the past, revealed that he wouldn’t keep his hopes up for a Hulk team-up with Edward Norton and the <eм>Poor Things </eм>star.

When the hosts asked him about whether a team-up like Spider-Man: No Way Home might be in the cards for the star in the future, considering the rich history that surrounds the green rage monster, the star replied that he just couldn’t envision Marvel Studios doing something like this for his past iconic role.

Along with there being no development from Marvel regarding this possibility, he is not too interested in returning for his role as Banner anytime soon, which further depreciates the chance for a Hulk dream team.

While this may seem like bad news at first, fans on the internet have hailed this as a win, saying that this is for the best. Considering the not-so-stellar records that the last two iterations of the character were able to erect, it would just leave a bad taste in the mouths of the fans.

What’s Next For The Hulk In The MCU?

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk in the MCU

As things stand now, there is no chance that a Hulk’s multiversal team-up is in the cards, on the contrary, the MCU may be bringing in new Hulks from the pages of Marvel Comics into the franchise.

As witnessed in 2022, the release of <eм>She-Hulk: Attorney At Law</eм> introduced us to the titular character, which has expanded the number of Hulks in the MCU. Furthermore, we were also introduced to Skaar, whom Banner fathered on the planet Skaar when he was in his perpetual Hulk form, drifting in outer space, yet again building on a much more grand storyline that will unfold in the MCU.

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