A Heart-Wrenching Sight: Abandoned Puppy Weeps for a Morsel of Bread

A poor abandoned puppy bursts into tears when given a piece of bread.

The pitiful moment of a little puppy is captured in a video that is going viral on social media. The puppy cried while choking when he was given food because he had been hungry for several days.

No one knows why this dog is here, all alone, with no home and no one to care for him. The little dog was lost and didn’t know where to go; he explored the streets by himself and slowly became more and more hungry and tired from not having food and water.

Fortunately, the little puppy met a passerby. This person gave the puppy a slice of bread to eat because he was shaking and exhausted after fasting for several days. The puppy didn’t eat right away, but he took a bite of the cake while crying.

This person made the decision to take the dog home and treat it after observing the animal’s miserable situation. The dog’s owner took the dog home and then took it to the hospital for examination and testing. The dog was exhausted from a long period of starvation and its body was covered with wounds and parasites. Fortunately, the test results were not too bad and, with a little more care, the dog will recover quickly.

His owner, Gunnar, has given him an adorable name. Gunnar gets the food he needs to recover from his illness, while being fed according to the doctor’s recommendations. After a long and difficult life, Gunnar has a new family who pampers and cares for him.

Gunnar can now run, play and catch the ball with his owner and no longer looks like a sick and shaky dog as he did in the beginning. This happy encounter has allowed this little dog’s life to take a new direction, allowing him to be cared for, receive more love from his owner and overcome his fear of crowds.

Many people would not be surprised to see the puppy’s incredible “metamorphosis” if they looked at the previous picture. A few months ago, Gunnar was underweight; today, he has a thick, silky coat. No one would have recognized that this was a starving dog with multiple previous wounds all over his body if I hadn’t said anything.

It was unexpected that Gunnar could communicate his emotions while receiving help from others. Despite the dog’s unattractive appearance compared to many other canines, the owner decided to keep him after seeing him make a modest movement.

Watch video bellow:

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