ATAK – Only two nations use the most advanced helicopters in the world

Deliveries under the T129 ATAK program to the Philippines have begun. The first T129 ATAK helicopters, manufactured by TAI for the Philippine Air Force, took off on March 8, has learned, citing

ATAK helicopters, which were transferred to the command of Murted Airport, located right next to the TAI facilities, were loaded on two A400M cargo planes of the Turkish Air Force and transferred to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.


Two A400Ms with flight codes TUAF209 and TUAF210 of the Turkish Air Force refueled at Bishkek airport, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, during the delivery trip. After refueling, the planes were transferred to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.

The Philippines, which sold six ATAK helicopters for approximately $ 280 million, will be the second country after Turkey to start using ATAK helicopters. Sources suggest that three or four ATAK helicopters were delivered to the Philippines with this delivery. The second batch will be delivered at the end of this or next year.

T129 ATAK helicopter

T129 ATTACK is equipped with a 20mm three-barrel rotary cannon in a nose turret with 500 ammunition capacity and up to 76 unguided 70mm rockets for close air support. The helicopter is also equipped with up to 8 UMTAS 160 mm long-range anti-tank missiles, 16 CIRIT 70 mm missiles, 8 air-launched Stinger short-range air-to-air missiles.

The helicopter is powered by two turboprop engines LHTEC-CTS800-4A with 1373 hp. everyone. The helicopter can reach a top speed of 281 km / h, has three hours of air time, a range of 537 kilometers, and a ceiling at an altitude of 15,000 feet.


In addition to the Philippines, Turkey has signed an agreement with Pakistan to export T129 ATAK attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopters. So far, more than 70 ATAK helicopters have been produced. The T129 ATAK is currently being actively used by the Turkish Land Forces Command, the General Command of the Gendarmerie, and the General Directorate of Security.

The export of 30 T129 ATAK to Pakistan is imminent, as the United States has not yet issued permits to export the engine.

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