Is the fabled giant really genuine, as revealed by the 38-centimeter-long finger?

In 1988, an ancient gravedigger discovered an object resembling a giant finger 38cm long in an ancient tomb in Egypt. A foreign journalist then published the story in a newspaper, but it was assumed that it was a tabloid story or a malicious joke by the locals.

However, this journalist also brought the strange object back to Germany and used X-ray methods to check. The results of the film show that the composition of this object is indeed a real finger. Inside there are enough bones, joints and even remnants of ligaments and cartilage left intact.

The 38 cm long mysterious finger is compared to a banknote about 16 cm long.

The scientists, after comparing the data, said that if the structure of this fingered creature was similar to that of humans or other primates, they would be about 5 meters tall and weigh from 600 to 800 kg.

Mr. Gregor Sporri, who closely follows the giant finger research, wants to buy this 38cm object from the gravedigger at a good price, but he has refused. Later, Sporri left Egypt to search for the remains of that giant finger but to no avail. In 2009, he returned to Egypt to contact the old gravedigger but could not find him.

Testimonial results of giant finger

In 2012, Sporri spoke up about the giant finger : “It was long and rugged like a stick, and even smelled very bad. I was one of the few people who had access to and photographed this bizarre thing, because I didn’t have a ruler available, so I put a note next to it as a size reference. Apparently this is the finger of a giant, or something we don’t know yet.”

Some argue that the finger is inconsistent with the conventional doctrines of mainstream historians and scientists. However, there are also many people who think that this is a further proof for the theory that  giants used to live on Earth in the past.

Archaeologists have discovered many very large human skeletons.

Spotting a giant dry finger is extremely rare, but giant skeletons are not uncommon. In North America and Brazil, a large number of human remains have been dug up. The giant human remains include human skeletons ranging in height from 2m to 4m.

Giant skull found in 1940

There are many people who cannot accept that there are giants in this world, many organizations think that they are just man-made products, there are also many information that deny these opinions.

Although many theories have been put forward and scientists have tried their best to study, there is still no convincing argument. This remains one of the greatest curiosity for mankind.

Modern giants: not too rare

Although there is no such huge size as above, in modern times there are also many cases in the world where the body size exceeds the normal standard. Currently, the tallest man in the world recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records is Sultan Kösen, born in 1982 in Mardin, Turkey with a height of 2m51. The cause was determined to be a tumor suppressing the pituitary gland that caused Kösen’s height to grow constantly.

Next is Brahim Takioullah born on January 26, 1982 in Guelmim, Morocco. He is 2.46 m tall and is the second tallest person in the world alive. Similar to Kösen, a tumor suppressing the pituitary gland caused Takioullah’s height to become abnormal.

The tallest person in the world (left) – and the 2nd (right) shocked because of his huge physique

In the past, the history of the Qing Dynasty, China also confirmed that there was a “giant” named Chiem The Thoa (1841 – 1893) who was from Fuzhou province (now Fujian) with a height of up to 2.4m.

We see that this 2m4 tall “giant” is not only twice the height of others, but the size and volume of the body is also proportional. Imagine how tall the 5m tall ancient humans would have been.

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