Miraculous Rescue: Pup Abandoned in the Middle of the Road Saved Successfully

Pup Abandoned In The Middle Of The Road Saved Successfully

There is perhaps nothing sadder in this world than seeing a small puppy alone, suffering and without a home.

And yet, somehow, it’s a recurring theme that so many dogs in the world are abandoned or lost.

According to the  there are around two-hundred million stray dogs in the world. Even though the number is an estimate and the amount of stray dogs is probably a lot higher, this is still pretty alarming.[1]

The story for this dog didn’t start out much different.

Alone And Frightened

hopeless puppy sleeping in the middle of the road

This poor puppy was found by two women, alone, laying in the middle of the road, sleeping, and was almost stomped on by people.

Just by looking at her, it was clearly visible that she was malnourished and weak. Her skin was dry and infected, and there was a chance it could turn into a serious case of mange.

She was immediately rushed to a vet for a full checkup and treatment.

Luckily, for the puppy, the vet found that her condition was not too serious, and she would recover in a few weeks.

The veterinarians there decided to keep her in the clinic until she recovered.

Quick Recovery

fluffy puppy sleeping in the cardboard box

It had only been a day, and she was already starting to feel better. She has quite an appetite and loves to play around in the yard.

She also started staying with other stray dogs at the clinic and was slowly making new friends.

Soon afterward, she was taken to a shelter where she waited for somebody to take her to a new and loving home. Given how adorable and playful she is, it’s not hard to imagine that she found someone by now.

Despite the fact that many statistics regarding stray dogs are quite depressing and can lead many people to believe that nothing is being done to help dogs, it’s simple people like this that are really making all the difference.

So long as your heart is in the right place, that is all it takes, as any little thing you can do for a small and helpless puppy can help.

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