Rekindling Hope: The Inspiring Quest of Disabled Twin Siblings to Reunite with Their Mother

A lot of people say that everything happens for a reason, but honestly, most of the times we do not see the reasons why bad things keep happening to the people that are less fortunate, and when such things occur it surely hits them hard, but we have to keep on moving and hope for the best.

He is a father to these two children.

As we see them, they were born like this and they chose to accept to live with them the way they are, but this was not the case with his wife.

She left and she did not want to be part of this at all.

Um, life for this man and his children is complicated, since they live on a poor island.

That made it so hard for him to get to an advanced hospital, and the entire process, plus paying the hospital bills too, was very expensive.

So he gave up.

His neighbors are the reason why all this happened to him, and this is his story.


We travel to the humble Islands to meet his family and tell their story with hope that this will change their lives and make them better.

It was quite a long journey and it was full of Adventures, but we finally got there.

We came to this island that is full of happy people and it is where we met.

Innocent, there you go.

He is the father of these disabled children and, just like most people living here, he was born in the same island.

Since there are a few people living here, he says that he was friends with his wife from childhood.

They grew up, but they both had in mind that they were going to get married.

So they had a relationship while waiting for the right time to come and when it came, they finally got married.

When they got married, they were happy about the new Journey that they had started together as husband and wife.

They could not wait to have a house and children of their own.

They expected to have one big, happy family.

She later got pregnant and the both of them now expected to have a normal baby.

He says that he did all he could and he took good care of his wife while she was pregnant.

When it was time for giving birth, they all got shocked.

The baby that she gave birth to turned out to be disabled, foreign.

They did not expect this to happen because no one from both families was ever disabled.

They learned to accept this fact and what had happened to them, so they decided to take the baby home and take care of him just like they should.

They named him Prince.

When it was time for taking him to the hospital, the doctors told innocent that all he should be thinking about right now is to get money to buy for his son a wheelchair, because he was never going to work and they couldn’t do anything about it.

People in the neighborhood started talking to his wife and telling her that such a man was of no good.

He had a problem and they advised her to look for another man before it was too late.

She refused to listen to them in the first place and she gave them a deaf ear.

Innocent and his wife decided to give it another shot, have another baby and see if this time he could turn out no more.

This is what they did and they hoped for the very best, though they did not know what was coming.

She got pregnant and she was well taken care of by her husband again.

Both of them hoped that it was good news this time, but this didn’t come.

She went to the hospital to give birth, but again she gave birth to another disabled child.

This time they did not know what to say.

They went home and they were both so sad they named their second born guard, and when they went to the hospital to try and ask the doctors about his condition, they said that it was possible to treat his legs if it wasn’t too late, though it was very expensive this time too.

He also gave up.

Um, his wife now confirmed that what her neighbors were saying might be true.

Her husband might have a serious problem, and this made her think that all the children that they were going to give birth to were going to turn out disabled.

She made a decision and she abandoned her family.

She left for good and never wanted to come and live with Innocent again.

She never wanted to have another child with him in her life, and when she left, these children were still very young woman.

He was the one that know how to take care of these children all by himself, so he did not know how it was going to happen, but it was the only way that him and his children were ever going to survive.

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