There is indignation over images of a strange fish with human lips and teeth, but it isn’t a montage

As much as we humans strive to learn about the planet we live on and the amazing creatures that inhabit it, Nature still has some amazing surprises in store that take our breath away. And that’s when we can’t help but marvel at the perfect world that surrounds us.

Recently, shocking images of a peculiar creature that has caused commotion around the world have begun to circulate on social networks.

Initially, many took it as a joke, and claimed that the photos were fake and that it was nothing more than a good Photoshop montage, since it was truly implausible to find a marine animal like this.

It was an impressive fish with lips and teeth as if they were those of a human.

“It has nicer lips and teeth than many humans”, “This is what all actresses who get Botox in their trunks want to look like”, were some of the comments.

But after they went viral on the networks, the truth came to light and it is mind-blowing.

The finding of the strange specimen would have taken place in a locality in Malaysia and the images were spread on Twitter, with the caption that has given so much to talk about:

“His lips are more attractive than mine”.

Experts have revealed that it is a fish called Balistidae, better known as triggerfish.

There are about 40 species of this family around the world and they are characterized by strong and sharp teeth, which allow them to devour mollusks.

As you might expect, the bite of a triggerfish is quite painful and can cause a clueless diver to flee in terror, especially if someone swims near its nest of eggs, as it will interpret it as a threat and attack.

Connoisseurs of this marine species have concluded that the images of the find in Malaysia correspond to a “Balistoides viridescens”, the largest species of this type of fish in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Balistoides viridescens is a species of fish of the family Balistidae, in the order Tetraodontiformes.

They can reach up to 75 cm in total length, and are found from the coasts of the Red Sea to Mozambique, the Tuamotu, southern Japan and New Caledonia.

Now we know that this creature with exaggerated lips and almost human-like teeth exists, and it can only surprise us.

Share with the world these impressive images that give so much to talk about so that everyone knows that they are real, let’s learn to contemplate the exotic creatures that surround us, it is a privilege to know a little more about our Planet, remember to respect and love it!

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