Touching Moment: Shelter Puppy Reaches Out for a New Home

Adorable Shelter Puppy Takes This Man’s Hand And Asks Him To Take Him Home

All stray pups yearn to feel loved and to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a home.

Their greatest dream is to find a wonderful family who would dote on them and make them feel safe. Making that dream come true is all they need to be happy.

Ansel, a 9-week-old stray puppy, had the same dream while he roamed the streets, searching for food and shelter.

One day, Ansel got injured on the streets, and he was in urgent need of human help and care.

Fortunately, he was picked up and brought to located in Tehachapi, California.

Receiving The Care And Love He Needs

guy with cap and dog

The pawdorable little pup was immediately taken to the vet where he received proper treatment and care. One of his most prominent wounds was the wound he had around his neck.

After his physical wounds healed, the little puppy was transferred to the shelter.

Zach Skow, a dog rescuer and the founder of Marley’s Mutt Dog Rescue, decided to be his foster, and he came to visit him.

As soon as Skow entered his kennel, he noticed how frightened Ansel was. His little body was trembling.

While Skow was sitting by his side, the sweet puppy put his paw in his hands. Skow was moved by his gesture. It seemed as if the pooch knew that he was there to help him.

Skow gently cuddled Ansel, reassuring him that everything would be fine.

Getting Showered With Love In His Foster Home

cute black and white dog

He took him to his home and gave him a lot of love and care. After a couple of days, the pup started feeling much better. He felt comfortable in his foster home.

While Skow was stroking Ansel’s head, the doggo looked at his foster dad with his soulful eyes filled with love. At that moment, Skow knew that he was in love with the pooch.

He introduced Ansel to his other dog, Beta, and he was glad to see that they got along wonderfully.

As days went by, the cute puppy started coming out of his shell.

Thanks to his foster dad’s love, he became happier and more confident. His tail was wagging and he looked relaxed.

Skow started teaching Ansel how to walk on a leash. At first, it was difficult for the little pup, but Beta was there to help him and teach him the ropes.

After a while, the pawdorable pooch succeeded in learning it. He looked confident and radiant while he was taking a walk with his foster dad and Beta. He was all smiles.

Moving In With His Forever Family

couple with two dogs
Skow knew that his little boy was ready for the most important chapter in his life – his forever home.

The sweet puppy found a wonderful forever family who loves him very much, and he was overjoyed to move in with them.

The delightful doggo will be showered with affection and care that he lacked when he lived as a stray.

Ansel’s happy ending made me feel over the moon. I’m extremely grateful to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue and to Zach Skow for welcoming Ansel into his foster home in California and for giving him his selfless love.

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